gene tripp

GENE TRIPP | website | bandcamp | facebook |   releases [table id=25 /] bio There’s something to be said about the feeling of stepping out of Gene Tripp’s sound, like you’ve just awoken from an enlightening deep slumber- one that helps you romanticize sadness the way you did with music in your self-indulgent teen years. […]


FTHIA | bandcamp | facebook | releases [table id=23 /] bio Phoenix-based FTHIA says everything they need to say with no words at all. In deep, hazy instrumentals FTHIA is able to grapple with the emotions it takes most other artists words to convey. Each track is calm as it forces the mind rapidly out of […]

secret attraction

SECRET ATTRACTION | soundcloud | facebook | releases [table id=44 /] bio Secret Attraction’s core is the emergent artist behind its subtle brilliance: Derek Wise. Following the debut EP, Desire, Secret Attraction has only furthered its expertise in developing lo-fi, dream-like sounds accompanied by hushed, soporific vocals. Each tracks dissects complex emotions and provides them an original, […]


DENT | bandcamp | facebook |   releases [table id=10 /] bio (COMING SOON) shows April 20, 2016 – dent w/ Bear State, Twin Ponies & Macaulay Vulcan @ The Rebel Lounge – Phoenix, AZ February 24-27, 2016 – Bear State & dent mini-tour – Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, & Tucson December 19, 2015 – J Fernandez, Slow […]

randall sena

RANDALL SENA | bandcamp | certain sparks | releases [table id=46 /] bio With the release of his debut solo album, A Form of Prayer, Randall Sena has proved to not only be an artist, but a storyteller. Sena works to define the most meaningful nuances and simplicities that often go overlooked. As you listen to […]

bear state

BEAR STATE | bandcamp | facebook | twitter | releases [table id=1 /] bio A true tumbleweed ensemble. Ever-evolving and ever-changing, Bear State’s lo-fi sound has brought them into the hearts, stereos and car cassette players throughout the desert and across the world. With their often experimental, guitar-saturated tones and memorable lines written with heart, […]