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There’s something to be said about the feeling of stepping out of Gene Tripp’s sound, like you’ve just awoken from an enlightening deep slumber- one that helps you romanticize sadness the way you did with music in your self-indulgent teen years. From the mind and unmatched talent of artists like Jay Hufman (Cherie Cherie) and Lonna Kelly (Giant Sand, Cherie Cherie), Phoenix’s own Gene Tripp has released Happy Plaza to introduce us to a sound soaked in reverb and dark alt-country melodies that truly make you feel like you’re floating- and reminds you to slow down. Gene Tripp unravels a calculated and controlled psychedelic sound that moves freely a bravely- a paradox you don’t see often enough. The deeply appealing darkness of a debut album like Happy Plaza gives us a glimpse of the magnitude that is to come from a band that carries such talent.