photo by Bryan Juarez


Moone Records was founded in 2013 in Phoenix, AZ by brothers Micah & Caleb Dailey. From its inception, the focus has been on stripping away excess and creating a cohesive relationship between all parts – sonic and visual. The intention is to highlight the beauty in a particular piece (or body of work) by creating a holistic product. By focusing on these values, we feel it creates a special experience for our artists and supporters.

We don’t hold to genre boundaries; however, there is a sense of purity and artistic integrity that gives our catalog a cohesive feel. Art for the sake of art, and the stories that are told in the construction and deconstruction of its form.

“Moone Records proclaims itself to be a minimal art label. There aren’t many places in the US that can make one more aware of one’s smallness than the labels’ home base, the megalopolis of Phoenix, Arizona. The city is essentially a constellation of Thirsty suburbs and office parks dropped down in a parched desert, and the tiny print size and handmade quality of Moone’s offerings are antithetical to its surrounding environment’s mass produced concrete sprawl.”

Bill Meyer, The Wire Magazine


For wholesale prices or questions about an order, email us at info[at]moonerecords[dot]com, or use the contact form.