nicholas krgovich & friends

NICHOLAS KRGOVICH & FRIENDS Facebook-f Twitter Instagram bio Nicholas Krgovich is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Vancouver, Canada.  Described by the legendary Robert Wyatt as “quite beautiful, very touching… human.” he has been releasing records and performing since the early aughts, crafting sonically diverse albums under his own name and as a key member […]


HELVETIA Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Bandcamp bio In 2005 after the break up of legendary slow-core band, DUSTER, and throughout his tenure playing with BUILT TO SPILL over the past decade, HELVETIA has been the primary creative output of Jason Albertini. In January of 2020, Helvetia quietly uploaded a new album titled Fantastic Life to bandcamp. […]


CAUSTICS bio Caustics is Yasi Perera (Breezy Days Band/Park Details) on voice/electronics, Josiah Wolf (Why?) on drums/percussion, Devin Hoff (Julia Holter/Good for Cows) on acoustic and electric basses and John Dieterich (Deerhoof/Gorge Trio) on guitars/voice/electronics.  This unlikely assemblage of personalities (some of which had never met before the first session) was created as a vehicle […]

Live Stream [may 8, 2020]

This special collection of songs was put together by Seth Kasselman and Steph Carrico. They are heroes of ours, and we couldn’t be more thankful that they took the time to participate in this live stream. Check out Seth’s project, Warm Climate, and donate to the DIY music venue that Steph founded, The Trunk Space, […]

Live Stream [may 1, 2020]

This fantastic collection of songs was curated by our friend Jon Utter for our Instagram live stream/listening party on May 1, 2020. These are some of the jams that are in rotation at his house during quarantine. If you enjoy any of these records, we hope you’ll go support the artists and labels that put […]

Live Stream [april 30, 2020]

Here’s the playlist Caleb put together for our live stream on April 30, 2020. These are some of the country (or country-ish) tracks that have been inspiring him during quarantine! *Please note* that a couple of the songs in this playlist are not on YouTube, so we linked to those songs/albums separately. Artist: Silver JewsSong […]


LITHICS Instagram bio Lithics is a four piece punk band from Portland, Oregon. Since their inception in 2014 they have crafted concise and sharp recordings for labels like Water Wing, Kill Rock Stars, and Thrilling Living. While avoiding the trappings of historical reenactment, Lithics remain solidly informed by the sounds and conceptual underpinnings of late […]

tashi dorji & john dieterich

TASHI DORJI & JOHN DIETERICH bio While the hypothetical range of what the listener might expect from a record of free-improvised guitar playing is understandably gigantic, it’s not very often that what is heard so easily navigates across such a vast terrain. In their most often observed environments (Dorji’s relentlessly frequent solo and collaborative releases, […]