Markus Acher (best known as singer of The Notwist) typically produces his own music under the name Rayon – this time, however, is a different story. Using his real name, he sends a signal re: the circumstances he recorded the music in – at home in his old apartment in Munich, in a private setting, in a time when there was hardly anything else available. Accordingly, and rather fittingly, the four songs represent a bridge to the outside world: Acher tore the doors to his balcony wide open, inviting the outside in, capturing its sound on tape: rain falling, engine noise of passing cars. And at the same time the songs pushed outward, into that sphere that remained off-limits to us for some time (“Like a plane they can go everywhere”).

The four tracks – arranged for harmonium, acoustic guitar, banjo, glockenspiel, percussion, a children’s harp and vocals – were released digitally in 2021 via the Japanese independent platform Minna Kikeru, run by Saya (member of the duo Tenniscoats and Markus Acher’s bandmate in Spirit Fest), among others. For two songs of “Like A Plane”, Saya contributed vocal tracks as well.


“Like A Plane” by Markus Acher

“Like A Plane” Live at Optimal Records by Markus Acher