randall sena

RANDALL SENA | bandcamp | certain sparks | releases [table id=46 /] bio With the release of his debut solo album, A Form of Prayer, Randall Sena has proved to not only be an artist, but a storyteller. Sena works to define the most meaningful nuances and simplicities that often go overlooked. As you listen to […]

bear state

BEAR STATE | bandcamp | facebook | twitter | releases [table id=1 /] bio A true tumbleweed ensemble. Ever-evolving and ever-changing, Bear State’s lo-fi sound has brought them into the hearts, stereos and car cassette players throughout the desert and across the world. With their often experimental, guitar-saturated tones and memorable lines written with heart, […]

spiritual warfare

SPIRITUAL WARFARE | bandcamp | facebook | releases [table id=48 /] bio Spiritual Warfare mirrors the complexity of the human spirit in a layered fusion of Indian percussion and old Bollywood tracks, with his own Scott Walker-esque vocals and American pop style. There is, ironically, a happy peace between the familiar bread-and-butter vibes of classic […]

pro teens

PRO TEENS | bandcamp | facebook | releases [table id=40 /] bio Producing chill surf-pop tracks from under the Phoenix sun, Pro Teens keeps it light and rich with a layer of buttery lead guitar notes sprinkled with punchy discordance, folded in with strong gang vocals that go through the sweet, low, and slightly raspy […]


R.ARIEL | bandcamp | facebook | releases [table id=42 /] bio There’s something unwittingly surreal about the moment you come up for air after drowning in what an artist has elegantly drenched you in- and song-for-song, R.ariel has an elegance remarkable enough to give you such wholesome familiarity with her. Rachel Crocker, the creative behind the […]

lonna kelley

LONNA KELLEY Facebook-f Instagram bio Lonna Kelley is undoubtedly the queen of the underground. I am sure anyone that is in-the-know would agree. She has been self-releasing albums since the early 00’s. Quietly developing into a singular voice. These years have been littered with co-fronting the short lived (but celebrated) psych outfit, Cherie Cherie, and […]

cody friend

CODY FRIEND | bandcamp |   releases [table id=4 /]   bio (COMING SOON) shows November 4, 2016 – Gene Tripp Record Release w/ Cody Friend & Miss Moody @ The Newton – Phoenix, AZ September 26, 2016 – Anna McClellan w/ Cody Friend, Wren’s Ghost & Confetti Club @ The Rebel Lounge – Phoenix, AZ

justin moody

JUSTIN MOODY | bandcamp | facebook | releases [table id=35 /] bio One thing Justin Moody will always keep under lock-and-key is the outright magnitude of honesty welling up in every poetically calculated confession. Moody’s lyrics are built around a longing for closure while staying clean enough to be the finest distillation of his pure talent […]


JOSH JOHN + LUKE BRUNSTEIN | soundcloud | youtube |   releases [table id=29 /] bio “Surfacing from Glendale’s ever-strengthening neo-psychedelia music scene, local artists Josh John and Luke Brunstein have brought us the trippy soundscapes featured on their psychedelic, yet minimalistically arranged singles “Elsewhere” and “Infinite Drift”. John and Brunstein’s skillfully syncopated rhythms make their […]