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In collaboration with Adopted Coffee, Moone Records is embarking on a new community project. We created a CD that compiles music from some of our favorite, noteworthy bands. ••ALL of the proceeds from the sales of these albums will go to support Adopted Coffee.••

black bottom compact discs
poly vinyl sleeve
tri-folded art card

cover art by: YAI
designed and assembled by Moone Records

01 WARM GUNNS – “jenny hi-speed” ∆
02 CODY FRIEND – “your band is so psych”
03 JOSH JOHN – “ho-fi low-so”
04 SPIRITUAL WAREFARE – “you’re making the rest of us look bad” ∆
05 FLOWER FESTIVAL – “all of my opinions”
06 LONNA KELLEY – “no body no mind”
07 WAXIE. – “impeach” ∆
08 R.ARIEL – “banking”
09 JUSTIN MOODY – “bargin for a bad man’s love”
10 RICHARD HOUGHTEN – “swallowed by the sea” ∆
11 BEAR STATE – “i’ve listened to your music” ∆

∆ – Unreleased tracks

released by:
Moone Records
release/catalogue number:
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© All rights to these songs are reserved by each individual artist

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