Playlist Series 003 – [dweller in the abyss] by Jay Hufman

Photos by Ben Peck

It has been sometime since we last released a part in this series. The previous playlists cataloged were special and have resonated with me. That being said, here is part 3.

We, at Moone Records, love to collaborate with people that inspire us and motivate us to create, but what inspires and motivates them? With this series of playlists, we ask different friends and artists to hand-pick ten songs to ‘soundtrack’ various themes.

Jay Hufman is truly a Phoenix treasure, and has been a part of many bands since moving here in the 90’s. He now writes and composes under the name Gene Tripp. His songwriting is poignant and often informed by dark subjects. Sonically he dwells somewhere in the 20th century country landscape, then it gets completely obliterated with noise and chaotic undertones. It is as if he is grasping for a little relief in the midst of complete destruction. His beautiful lyricism gives the listener a chance to look through a peephole into a storied life.

We have asked Jay to soundtrack one aspect that informs his work–dweller in the abyss. He has graciously hand-picked an unbelievable list of songs that score this theme. We have known Jay for many years now, but these songs were insightful and telling of the deep well he pulls inspiration from.

Regarding the theme, Jay wrote, “Dweller in the Abyss, meaningless, though malignant. Though craving to be real. These sounds and feelings touch at different spots in the path.”

Artist: Angus Maclise / Tony Conrad
Song Title: Untitled
Album: Dreamweapon III

Artist: Gil Shaham & Roger Carlsson & Göteborgs Symfoniker & Neeme Järvi (Composed by Arvo Pärt)
Song Title: Pärt: Fratres For Violin, String Orchestra And Percussion
Album: Pärt: Tabula rasa; Fratres; Symphony No.3

Artist: William S. Burroughs
Title: an excerpt taken from a recording of one of William’s lectures at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poets in 1986.

Artist: Leonard Cohen
Song Title: Lady Midnight
Album: Songs From a Room

Artist: Throbbing Gristle
Song Title: United
Album: United / Zyklon B Zombie 7”

Artist: Country Teasers
Song Title: Black Cloud Wandering
Album: pastoral – not rustic – world of their greatest hits

Artist: Cabaret Voltaire
Song Title: No Escape
Album: Mix-Up

Artist: The Jesus Lizard
Song Title: Happy Bunny Goes Fluff Fluff Along
Album: Pure

Artist: Lester Bowie
Song Title: Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman)
Album: Fast Last!

Artist: John Cale
Song Title: Big White Cloud
Album: Vintage Violence