Playlist Series 001 – [guilt] by Kyle Daniels

Photo by Tiffany Parker | Playlist by Kyle Daniels

We, at Moone Records, love to collaborate with people that inspire us and motivate us to create, but what inspires and motivates them? With this series of playlists, we ask different friends and artists to hand-pick ten songs to ‘soundtrack’ various themes.

Kyle Daniels is one of our favorite visual artists. His unconventional approach to art inspires us to see beauty in the mundane and influences the way we work and live. He explores emotions we do not usually want to confront, or even acknowledge. His work is greatly informed by guilt, disappointment, issues in masculinity, sentimentality, and how all of these things can affect our interpersonal relationships. Using objects and familiar imagery to speak for these subjects, he aims to open up a dialogue between the viewer and work so that they may begin to question the significance of the things and thoughts that surround or confine them.

We have asked Kyle to soundtrack one aspect that informs his work–guilt. He has gracefully hand-picked an unbelievable list of songs that will take you into the mind of a brilliant artist.

Playlist Series 001 – Kyle Daniels – [guilt]

Artist: Wechsel Garland
Song Title: Verbluten
Album: Liberation Von History

Artist: F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm
Song Title: Old Friends Inst.
Album: Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity

Artist: Foge Foge Bandido
Song Title: As Minhas Saudades Tuas
Album: O Amor Dá-me Tesão / Não Fui Eu Que Estraguei

Artist: Yuichiro Fujimoto
Song Title: Open window – for piano
Album: The Mountain Record

Artist: Hauschka
Song Title: Chicago Morning
Album: Room to Expand

Artist: Tenniscoats
Song Title: Sabaku
Album: Papa’s Ear

Artist: Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Baz
Song Title: Stabbed In Hamburg
Album: Osaka Bridge

Artist: Donna Regina
Song Title: Good Morning Day
Album: More

Artist: Stan Getz
Song Title: Corcovado – Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
Album: Getz Plays Jobim: The Girl From Ipanema

Artist: Yo La Tengo
Song Title: Green Arrow
Album: I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One