Live Stream [may 8, 2020]

This special collection of songs was put together by Seth Kasselman and Steph Carrico. They are heroes of ours, and we couldn’t be more thankful that they took the time to participate in this live stream. Check out Seth’s project, Warm Climate, and donate to the DIY music venue that Steph founded, The Trunk Space, HERE.

*Please note* that a few of the songs in this playlist were not available on YouTube, so we linked to them separately.

Artist: Maurice Gibb
Song Title: I’ve Come Back
Album: B-Side to “Railroad”

Artist: Zeitgeist
Song Title: Gimmick
Album: Shake-Rake

Artist: Novi Split
Song Title: Stupid
Album: Creeping Around Your Face

Artist: Porter Wagoner
Song Title: Cassie
Album: George Leroy Chickashea

Artist: Aaron Lightman
Song Title: Down To The Sea
Album: Down To The Sea

Artist: Chris Spedding
Song Title: Don’t Leave Me
Album: The Only Lick I Know

Artist: Advance Base
Song Title: My Sister’s Birthday
Album: A Shut-In’s Prayer

Artist: Mount Eerie
Song Title: Real Death
Album: A Crow Looked at Me

Artist: GTO’s
Song Title: Do Me in Once and I’ll Be Sad, Do Me in Twice and I’ll Know Better
Album: Permanent Damage

Artist: Crabby Appleton
Song Title: Go Back
Album: Crabby Appleton

Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
Song Title: Two-Headed Boy
Album: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Artist: Tin Tin
Song Title: Ships On The Starboard
Album: Astral Taxi

*This song is not online, but more info is available HERE.

Artist: Matt ‘MV’ Valentine
Song Title: P.K. Dick
Album: P.K. Dick

*This song is not online, but more info is available HERE.