Founder, Caleb and Micah, standing together

photo by Charity Kolbo

a pandemic and how we continue

Hello friends, we hope you’re all safe and well. What a weird and difficult time this is. We realize we’re super late to the ‘Covid-19 Statement’ situation, and we’re sorry. To be completly honest, both Caleb and I (Micah) have been so overwhelmed with trying to figure out what this ‘new normal’ looks like for our individual families and community, that we haven’t found a moment- or really the energy, to address what this all means for Moone. 

Since 2013, Moone Records has been completely funded by Caleb and I. Both of us have full-time jobs, and neither of us have ever taken a cent from the business. Moone has never made much money. Everything that comes in, goes right back into projects. Now… I don’t tell you this to brag, or earn your sympathy. As a matter of fact, we both have dreams of working on MR full-time. I tell you this for the sake of transparency, to frame our plan moving forward, and to clarify that Moone Records is not going anywhere!

We’ve always been an art and artist focused label. So as far as operating goes, we’re gonna continue to create, curate, and archive in whatever capacity we can afford to.

That being said here’s our plan and what we ask of you:


We’re encouraging anyone who has the means to purchase physical art in this time, to buy directly from the artist or band’s websites. We went ahead and compiled links to each of our collaborator’s stores, and you can find those by tapping the buttons below. To be clear, purchases made on our site will continue to support our work, and sales made on an artist’s site will support them. PLEASE prioritize artists.


In order to limit social interactions and focus on our families, orders aren’t shipping as quickly as we’d like. If you do buy anything from our website, please expect delays.


This probably goes without saying, but the pressing plants aren’t able to keep up with demand while following shelter-in-place policies. We’ve got some SUPER exciting projects in the works, and can’t wait to tell you about them. 


Be kind to your neighbors. Enjoy time with your family. Stay safe. Stay at home.