MOONE PRESENTS: Tashi Dorji & John Dieterich at The Trunk Space

Photos by Ben Peck | Post by Caleb Dailey

Tashi Dorji & John Dieterich made their way through Phoenix last month. The performances took place downtown in the beautiful meditative sanctuary of Grace Lutheran Church. Visually ornate, clothed with red carpets and stained glass windows. It was sonically and visually stunning.

James Fella started the evening with an acoustic set. A multitude of symbols and tape machines. At his own pace, he tinkers with some kind of buzzing motors and screeching symbol noise for the first half. Suddenly I realized that it was also being recorded onto the tape machines and was then played back and manipulated along with the continued acoustic clamor.

Warm Climate then took the stage for their first appearance in many years. It was a special return. Psychedelic epics mixed with loose avant playing, noise, and heady lyricism. Seth Kasselman’s writing and arranging is truly forward thinking. It hints at something familiar, but then soars into the unknown.

Finally, Tashi & John close out the evening. They had only met a few days earlier for their short stint of shows together, but their effortless connection would have said otherwise. Their set went seamlessly from minimal sputters and spasms to a swirl of harshly affected guitar strings. For a short time, I felt detached from reality. The only thing that kept me grounded was the fact that there were two humans and two guitars in front of me manufacturing the sound. Their set was littered with quick turns, sudden stops, and abrasive noise. I still feel a lack of words and even understanding of what took place, but I think about it often. We are grateful to have been a part of such a rare gathering.