After The 10k for 10k Charity Run: An Effort To Serve Our City

Photos by Bryan Juarez | Post by Diana Martinez

Through the greater Phoenix area, there’s about 200 miles of canals flowing through our neighborhoods and cities, most of which are lined with smooth trails and street signs at crossing points. The Grand Canal, mainly near the communities of West Phoenix, Alhambra and South Phoenix, can be considered the most forgotten.

The shallow waterways at these parts of the canal are framed with trash, debris and unkept paths. It’s a stretch of the canal with the most potential for progress. This area is deserving of attention, because as neighbors, it’s ours to use and steward.

And that’s the same sentiment Moone Records and 3 other local businesses (Joseph’s Coat Painting, Media Fifteen, and Johnson Wealth Management) had for a neighborhood learning center at Redemption Church Alhambra. On the church’s campus, near 19th Avenue and Indian School Road, there’s a space with various classrooms, a garden and playground, ready to be reimagined.

After a couple months of fundraising and a goal to raise $10,000, nearly 30 runners set out on the canal’s path just behind the future learning center’s doors this past Saturday morning. Some experienced runners, others challenging themselves for a common goal.

6 miles. 10 kilometers. More than $13,000 raised.

With this learning center, Redemption will be able to serve nearby kids and youth through classes, help with homework, a computer lab, opportunities to learn trade skills, and more. In a section of the city with the highest rates of crime and poverty, young lives—much like the canal—are also forgotten and untended.

Located in Redemption Alhambra’s campus built back in the 1940s, the learning center will need remodeling and ongoing support throughout the renovation process. And it’s going to need all the help it can get.

Consider donating to the learning center, and help us get closer to helping kids right in our backyard who need it most.  Go HERE and select “The Learning Center” in the Giving Fund drop down menu.