Strobe Talbot
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On The Go 1:56
Forever 0:57
Superstar 1:58
Werewolf Of The Timberland 0:48
The Awakening 2:23
All At Once 1:09
Made That Way 1:10
Alien Dead 2:28
With Sprinkles 0:40
1-Letter Alphabet / Hunger 2:47
Evil Of Frankenstein 2:32
I Don’t Know 0:33
I Love You 1:36
Poetic Heart 2:13
Blame It On 0:39
The Token 1:07
A New Day 3:12
Pretty 4:49

about this product
As a somewhat-unheralded group, Strobe Talbot has experienced many of the bumps and vagaries associated with obscurity, but has been unable to extinguish its informal drive to share and incite joy through their music. Living as they do thousands of miles from each other, they are seldom able to convene, with writing and recording occurring within applicable spasms. Funland reflects this in that it comes from a variety of sources and situations. Its identity, though, is ineffably singular.